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Abs After 40: The Full Body Exercise Program For Men Over The Age Of 40

abs after 40 reviewWhen a man gets older, it becomes harder to prioritize working out and doing exercise. As the years tick by, men neglect to look after their diets and lifestyle as they focus on their careers and building families. This means that most men are in a terrible shape by the time they are in their forties and fifties. In addition, by that time it is harder to start following new diet routines since a man will have become set in his own ways.

Abs After 40 is a work program that tries to remedy this situation. Created by a 53-year-old fitness guru called Mark Mcilyar, the program shows how men over 40 can eliminate excess body fat, develop ripped six packs, build awesome sculpted muscles and enhance hormone production. The result is an improvement in energy levels and overall body metabolism.

This Is How The Abs After 40 Program Works!!

The program is actually a full body exercise program that addresses a critical problem faced by men over 40.This is when men are unable to work out with the same vigor as they did when in their twenties.In addition,the body workouts for these older may often be accompanied by constant body and back pains. This reduces the chances of maintaining a physically fit body. Mark was faced with such challenges when he reached his forties.

Many workout routines are designed for younger men and may not work for older men. Mark says that the key reason for this is a natural decline in testosterone levels, which determine whether an older man can get six pack abs. He says no matter how intensely an older man exercises and eats a healthy diet, the belly fat will only go away when his testosterone levels are enhanced.This is the premise upon which the program is designed. It features the following sections:

•An exercise plan that focuses on hormone rejuvenation customized for men above 40.

•Workouts centered on 100% compound movements using free weights.

•A diet plan comprising of foods which helps to balance men’s’ hormones.

Getting Back In Shape With These 3 Program Phases

Phase 1 – Fat Loss Jumpstart

Here, the focus is on the body’s fat-burning ability .This is directly related to the decline in testosterone levels from the mid twenties. This means you need to exercise in a totally different way .You also need to select workouts which take care of your joints. Doing long cardio exercises is boring and goes against what you are trying to achieve.

Phase 2 – Male Hormone Optimization

This is about boosting your testosterone production levels. It enhances the fat burning capability and it is also great for your libido.

Phase 3 – Full-Auto Fat Burning Mode

During this phase your hard work comes to fruition. Due to the program's potent optimization techniques, your hormones become balanced and the fat loss process accelerates, making abs a certain reality.

Mark recommends compound movements such as dead-lifts and squats. However these can prove dangerous to older men. Therefore, he has designed customized gym moves to reduce the risk of injury. Resistance training is key for natural buildup of testosterone, but cardio programs are ineffective. Mark also cautions against testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), which is dangerous. In contrast the Abs After 40 program is safe and natural.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of “Abs After 40”


1. The program is video based. Observing the performance of Mark makes it effective and easy to understand.
2. It is digital, which means no waiting for shipping. Once you purchase, you download and get started immediately.
3. Unlike other diet and fitness programs which are meant for younger people, it targets older people, who are also in urgent need of workout programs.
4. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the results.
5. The program is natural and safe, and it includes valuable information about nutrition. This is crucial when maintaining a healthy body.
6. The program includes bonus content. There is a complete nutrition plan to restore hormone balance through timing of meals and eating essential macro nutrients which boost fat burning. You are also shown how to prepare nutritious meals quickly. Another bonus deals with avoiding injuries and common gym problems.


1. It is not a magic bullet and you need to be committed and invest time and effort in order to get desired results.
2. Since it is in digital format, you need internet access to get it.
3. The program only focuses on older men, and leaves out older women.

If you are a man over 40 years old, this program is heaven-sent for you. It is a proven way of getting rid of unsightly belly fat and learning the right nutrition techniques.If you follow it, you will enjoy an overall improvement in your overall health and general quality of life.

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